- include the 'profile detail: RELIGION'(basic ones: 10 basic faith/religion) into the search/sorting option. thx

dear sir/mdm webmaster, please kindly include the 'profile detail: RELIGION'(basic ones: 10 basic faith/religion) into the search/sorting option. it's very useful. thx ^_^

example of 10 basic religion:

- No Religion (inclusive free thinker/new age & atheist & those who do not wish to disclose their religion)
- Catholic (inclusive anglican/orthodox/traditional&modern catholic,etc)
- Christian (Traditional)
- Christian (Modern)
- Hindu
- Budhism
- Chinese/Japanese Religion ( Taoism/Confuciainsim/Shintoism, etc)
- local spiritiualist/spiritism (any region/country has this kind of thing)

Author: user, 05.04.2013, 18:01
Idea status: scheduled

Response from the site administrator

lovetime, 06.04.2013
Coming soon


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