- how can i remove a person completly from my message box or i say from my account??

Author: yog, 24.03.2013, 17:41
Idea status: under consideration


Zee, 19.01.2014, 02:19
let me explain this to you as easy as i fucikng can, 2 months ago i posted the question how about a bot powered search engine on this video, that was 2 mother fucikng months ago, are you with me now. over those fucikng 2 months i learned how to script a bot powered search engine on my own. at the time i posted that question i didn't know how but now i do. so stop trying to act so fucikng smart when you can't even look at the date for a post, fucikng troll
Mitch, 19.01.2014, 17:30
Why does this have to be the ONLY rebliale source? Oh well, gj!

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